An all female band from Sydney, coining their heartfelt brand of Americana Country Pop. Armed with several layers of heavenly vocal harmonies, Big Sky Mountain combine melody driven guitars with a flourish of trumpet, giving their songs a gritty yet vulnerable touch, enticing audiences with their charming live shows. 

Produced by ARIA award winner Paul McKercher, Big Sky Mountain’s first album “All Our Minutes” is rich, warm and classy, infusing lyrical melodies with driving rhythms whilst delivering that signature Big Sky Mountain sound.

With three singles already on the airwaves, and the full album due for release in September 2019, “All Our Minutes” is sure to leave you a little in love with these serendipitous Alt-Country darlings.

Lead Vocals / Dominique Douglas
Trumpet, Vocals / Minnie Ryan
Acoustic guitar, Ukulele, Vocals / Viviana Viteri
Bass, Vocals / Rachel Aracan
Keyboard, Vocals / Gabby Dinallo
Electric guitar / Sharon Jakovsky
Drums / Kelly Staines